The Pros and Cons of Bangs

A few weeks ago I made the bold decision to get bangs. It was hard, especially since I’m such a wimp. But I went with it and they actually turned out pretty good. What do you think?

me 11 Now, since I’ve had this fringe for a while, I’ve learned the good and the bad, the up and the down. Like that Katy Perry song.

Some pros are:

  • You can hide your forehead blemishes
  • They are fun to play with
  • They’re relatively easy to take care of
  • When you are frustrated, you can be all cool and blow them out. (It’s better than the movies)

And while all of that is great (I love blowing out my bangs) there are always a few little issues that make me want to revert back to my old ‘do.

Some Cons are:

  • I have to style my bangs or they look crappy
  • They get into my eyes
  • It’s impossible for me to pin them back without them falling out
  • If I part them too far to the side, I get J Biebs swoop (uck!)

So, you can make your own decision about whether or not you want bangs. But before you take the scissors and snip, read these and decide whether or not you want Justin Bieber on your face!


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