St. Patty's – The Real Deal

St. Patrick’s Day is yet another day on my calendar in which I can have a party, dress a certain way and have an excuse to eat whatever I please.

But it gets a horrible rep. So, I’m going to clear his name, the Teenage way.

The Real St. Patty’s Story

There was a boy named Patrick in England. He was a teenager and didn’t have much care about religion. He was a Christian. And like all rebellious teenager, he called himself an atheist. Then, suddenly, he was abducted! and sent to Ireland. He was then sold to an old man. And that was so horrible that he just HAD to write a book. Eventually, Patrick escaped and fled to his family. Now, while he was in capture, Patrick believed that it was punishment from God about not being more devoted, so he now practiced to be a minister. Soon a letter from Ireland came and he heard a “Voice” telling him to go Ireland. But he was reluctant. Would you return to a place where you were someone’s slave? Noooo. And while he was a minister he heard “Voices” tell him that there was great danger. And then he was called a wacko. But in the end he was right and drove all the snakes away from Ireland. So, he is a hero and called the Patron Saint Patrick.

And that’s the story of St. Patty’s! Fun story, really.

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Well, have a great St. Patty’s everyone! Drink some ale, wear a shamrock, and capture a leprechaun. I’ll see you all when you recover from St. Patty’s Fever 😉


P.S. I still don’t get what leprechauns have to do with St. Patrick’s Day. Any ideas??

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