Where Are We Now?

We, as humans, spend all of high school to be accepted into college. We then spend all of college trying to get a job. We then spend all of that job working hard to get the highest level, best paying job in that career.

This is the ladder of life.

One small step for mankind, one giant step for you.

Looking at this sequence, I can see my life and how it fits into it. I’m at the first stage, in high school working towards college. Every class I take, each grade I receive helps me get into college. And once I am accepted into college, I’ll be one more rung up on the ladder of life.

In college, in class I take brings me one step closer to graduation. Within my college years I will get an internship with the company I want to work for. In these few years, I’ve set myself up for the next rung.

My internship will now turn into a job, either something secretarial or to that degree. With my new job, I will start my income and start living life. But alongside living, I also need to start working myself up to the top of the ladder, my big, fat, high pay job. To get this job I will work hard and diligently, be a good co-worker, and the absolute best employee anyone can be.

All of my hard work has paid off. I now work in the big office with two windows. My paycheck has more than one zero. If I wanted, I could buy a Rolls Royce without batting an eye. I’ve got my own hours, and am working on building my family up. I’ve reached the top of the ladder.

To complete all of this, this is the basic way of living. Lots of people follow the ladder, whether they know it or not. Where are you? Are you doing what you need to get to the next rung? If not, remember this…

I’ve given you the outline, you need to color it in.


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