25 Steps to Ace Your Finals

It’s Finals Week were I am, so I decided I would inform you all on the 25 steps to take to ace your finals. These will help you, I promise.


  1. Put on comfortable clothes
  2. Go down to your local drugstore and buy some pretzels and iced tea (or which ever foods you prefer, but they must be healthy and light)
  3. Go back to your desk and open your textbook
  4. Read over everything it is you have to study quickly
  5. Close your textbook
  6. Go 37 jumping jacks
  7. Open your textbook and take a sip of your drink
  8. Read over everything it is you have to study quickly again
  9. Close your textbook and eat your snack
  10. Call your best friend and have a 20 minute conversation
  11. Hang up and open your textbook
  12. Read the first sentence of everything you have to study
  13. Close your textbook and go to Starbucks
  14. Treat yourself
  15. While you are drinking your coffee, strike up a conversation with someone and ask them if they know about what you are studying
  16. Go back to your desk and read over your textbook again
  17. Update your status to “Just had a conversation at Starbucks. Who wants to come with me next time?”
  18. Instant message whoever comments to say they want to come to Starbucks with you
  19. Read over your textbook, this time slowly taking in everything on the page
  20. Get into bed
  21. Fall asleep
  22. As soon as your get out of bed, read over your textbook while getting ready
  23. Leave for class
  24. Walk in the classroom
  25. Lean over to the person next to you and say “Is it okay if I cheat off you?”

And that’s how you ace your finals!!!! For more “# Steps to …” just ask and I shall come up with them.

Have a great end of semester everyone!


2 thoughts on “25 Steps to Ace Your Finals

  1. Great tongue-in-cheek post. I actually expected something more serious. Funny was a pleasant surprise. I still remember writing finals when I was a teen 40 years ago, so I sympathize. Hang in there!

    1. Thank you! Whenever I think of finals I just want to read something that is fun and kind of takes the stress away for a minute. I hope this post can do the same to the rest of the stressed out there.

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