Why Like When You Can Comment?

Lots of people use a social networking site. I mean, he has one, she has one, we have one, they have one! It’s a social networking party. And if you aren’t signed up for a site like Facebook or MySpace, or Linkedin, you are way behind in the times. And for those of you who are signed up for such websites, you will completely get what I’m talking about.


Let’s take Facebook for example. You can “Like” or “Comment on someone else’s status. But here’s the issue with that. What if you say the wrong thing? My example:

Diana posts… I have a huge sore on the back of my neck. It hurts so bad 🙁

Carol comments… Ew!! That is so DISGUSTING!

Lauren comments… That’s too bad 🙁 are you putting anything on it?

Which comment was more polite? If you said Lauren, you are correct. If you said Carol, you definitely need to read…


  1. Do not ever call someone a name. Not only is it rude, but people could report you.
  2. Emoticons are to be used in little doses. Do not comment like “:D haha ;)”
  3. Be polite! Do not be threatening to break people’s doors down or punch their babies
  4. Do not just comment to comment. People will get sick of you
  5. Compliment or express interest. People like it when you care.

And those are the five rules to when you comment. If you aren’t following at least one of these rules, you need to hit the power button to your computer, drink a cup of coffee, grab a sheet of paper and a pen, and spend three hours writing nice things about people you know!!! Then you will be able to leave an acceptable comment on someone’s page.

Now, speaking of commenting, please comment on this post and let me know what you think. You can even practice your new commenting skills on me! And subscribe, to learn even a little more about whatever I’m going on about.

So please, enjoy your weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😉


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