Rushing for the Last Second

So, on Daily Post for WordPress, they had the interesting topic of “If you had 1 hour to live, what would you do?” I, of course, took this into mind and figured out what I would do with my last hour.

Let’s say my hour started at 1 o’clock.

1:00 – 1:10 I’d go find the ten people who mean the most to me and tell them just how much I love them. And it wouldn’t be in that brush-off “I love you” way. It would be that gushy, embarrassing “I love you soooo much” way.

1:10 – 1:25 Can anyone say reckless driving? Since I can’t drive yet, I’d go find a car and an empty parking lot and tear it to pieces!! Honestly, that is the most exciting (and dangerous) thing I can think of. And to do it right before you die? Even better.

1:25 – 1:27 Update my Facebook profile.

1:27 – 1:30 Pet my dog.

1:30 – 1:40 Send the manuscript for my book to a publisher, with a note that says “When you read this, I will be dead. So publish this book, or my ghost will haunt you.”

1:40 – 1:45Take a lollipop from a child. Not because I’m mean, but I’ve just always wanted to do it.

1:45 – 1:52 Send out a mass text message that says “Meet me by Wal-mart” and have people invade Wal-mart with me. Nothing more fun than invading in your last minutes, right?

1:52 – 1:57 Leave a time capsule with my name in it and all of my embarrassing secrets on top of a water tower. That way, in ten years, when some stupid teenager goes to find it, they’ll know who I am and all of my embarrassing secrets. Maybe they’ll write a book about me, entitled 25 Embarrassing Things to Know About Morgan.

1:57 – 2:00 Run in the streets screaming, “I’m dying! I’m dying! Do you hear me? I’M DYING!” Now that is the perfect stereotype for me 😉

And there’s my hour! It went by a lot faster than I thought it would. But hopefully I’ve enlightened you all to a little more about myself and you’ll all share with me! Please comment and subscribe!

– Morgan

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