The Ups & Downs of Frenemies

Okay, so I’m sure almost everyone in the world has a frenemy. If you don’t now what a frenemy is, let me educate you.

Frenemy noun

Someone with whom you get along with 50% of the time and hate 50% of the time. You also can’t stand this person but also love to be around them. Someone with whom your feelings go up and down with.

You have now been educated.

Anyway, frenemies are something that, unfortunatley, are a huge part of life. For a lot of people, you will have plenty of people who you call frenemies. For others, you might only have one or two. It’s a fact of life.

So, how do we know they are our frenemy? Is there any way to check? Of course there is. I’ve composed a list.

Ways to Know You Have a Frenemy:

  1. Some days you enjoy their presence while others you try to avoid them
  2. You want to kill them because they annoy you so much and then you want to hug them because they are so funny
  3. People are confused whenever you say “I hate (insert name here)” or “I love (same name here)”
  4. You just sort of know 🙂

These are definitely ways to know. If a person fits any of these descriptions…Congratulations, you have a frenemy!

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“You have a frenemy, you have a frenemy” (It sounds like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story)

And the ups & downs? The ups are that you have a friend with whom can make you laugh and be happy. The downs are that you have a very annoying friend that makes you want to tear out your hair. Good luck with that one. You can’t tear hair out of your head.

So, do you have a frenemy? Post in the comments about your realizations and subscribe for more entertaining times with talks about frenemies, school, and basic, old school teenager-ism 🙂

Have fun with your frenemies,


2 thoughts on “The Ups & Downs of Frenemies

  1. So agree with this. I am friends with this girl and half the days I wake up wanting to throw her off the roof and the other half I am want to hug her to death. She’s the only sure shot frenemy of mine 🙂

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