We Really Do Have Great Expectations

For school, as I am sure almost all of you know, you are expected to read college-bound books once you start high school.

This year (my Sophomore year) we have to do a Book Talk (where we go up and talk about the college-bound book we chose to read) and it’s this huge deal. We have 6 Mondays in class to read our books and then when we get back from Christmas Holiday, we have to get in front of 30 bored-to-death classmates and talk about a book older than their parents.

For my Book Talk, I chose Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

image Now, the thing that I really thought about when reading this was, We all have great expectations, but do we ever get them?

My answer: Very, very rarely.

Take myself for example. When I was 7, I expected to already be a teen star by the time I was 14. And here I am at 15, sitting on my bed, getting ready for school tomorrow. And yet, for some of my friends, their expectations actually do come true.

Take my friend Maddy for example. Last year she expected herself to graduate at top of the class, even though she had a B/C average. Well, with a lot of hard work, she actually did graduate top of her class and she was accepted into Princeton.

So, think about it, how many of our great expectations actually come true? Pip got his expectation to be a gentleman, but to be with Estella? No. And from there on, Pip learns that all his expectations really were big old loads of horse manure.

And on this note, readers, I want you to think of all of your expectations (may they be great or not) and write about them in the comments. Did your expectation become reality? Or did you end up feeling lower than low when it didn’t happen? Comment!

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