Favourites Friday #50

How have we already made it to 50 Favourites Fridays?

Fifty times now we have come to this TGIF day of the week and talked about the things that have defined my week. And we’re going to be doing it a whole lot more!

This week marked my second week out in the adult world by myself and it’s been an interesting one. I’m starting to gain my footing (and I’m figuring out Portland zip codes) and it’s good to finally be somewhat in a comfort zone again. I’m still struggling a bit, but with faith I can do anything.

Anyway, this week’s favourites are things that show just how well I am taking on my cool new suburbia lifestyle as a millennial.

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Good Vibes Only

If you’re looking for me, I am currently hanging “Good Vibes Only” signs all over my life.

This past weekend I was at a friend’s birthday party where a tarot card reader was hired. Now, I don’t believe in any of that supernatural ESP belief as a Christian, but also as someone who just believes it’s ridiculous to try to know what’s going on in life. But when it’s free I’ll try anything.

As skeptical as I was, I entered the experience with an open mind. When my turn came I walked into the room (a bedroom with a small table and a woman in a turban scarfing down carnitas tacos) and prepared myself for the whole “you’ll meet a dark stranger/you’ve had horrible hardships/you’ll die in 30 days” crap that I’ve seen in too many movies to count. But I was disappointed. Continue reading

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Favourites Friday #49

My first week as a real adult is finally over.

This week was really incredible. Not only is my job probably the best ever (I basically get paid to spend my day on InDesign and make sure my bosses aren’t drowning in work) I am becoming a lover of Portland.

This week I found some really great things as I navigated the real Beaverton world. These things have to do with my job, my busy schedule, and everything else I’ve discovered in the week since I moved.


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How to Create a Morning Routine

I love structure. It helps me focus. And starting my day off with a little structure helps maintain a focused, balanced day.

coffee break:

The past few months have been a little hectic for me, what with changing cities and starting my first adult job. But I find that I’m not running around like a headless chicken amongst this chaos when I have my normal morning routine. Which is why I believe everyone needs to find their own routine in order to live the life they want, regardless of life events.

Today I am going to share how I created my own morning routine and some guidelines on how to create your own. Let’s get started. Continue reading

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Favourites Friday #48

What happens when I have no theme for the week?


This week has been absolutely insane, and it’s mostly been about getting everything together to move to a new city and start a new job, along with finding some enjoyable things along the way so I don’t go completely crazy. I’d like to think I accomplished this.

I am incredibly excited for this next week to start up (so I can get back to themes) and hopefully my little break for packing and sanity will keep the creative juices flowing while I transition to such an exciting time in my 21 year old life.

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