Why I Deleted All of My Dating Apps

While this platform is the one place where I feel able to express myself freely, there are certain things I don’t share. Whether from embarrassment or general sense, some information is private. And until today, my dating life was in that category.

people on a date
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My 5 New Habits for 2019

“New year, new me” is by far one of the most common phrases we hear in January. Everyone is about finally following through on their goals, about improving themselves, and putting it all over social media until you block them. And I guess I’m not much different, as I like to use January as a time to reassess myself and try new habits to become a happier Morgan. Not better, just happier.

notebook for yearly planner
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Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are upon us! Christmas is around the corner – don’t remind me – and it’s time to get shopping done. But there’s a lot of different people to buy for, and it’s hard when there’s only one of you. Luckily I have compiled a list of no-fail gifts so that you’re the shining star of the holiday season.

holiday gifts
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The 3 Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

Ever since getting my hair cut a few weeks ago, hair products have been my bread and butter. From pomades to sprays, I have found the three products I need to have in my cabinet.

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How to Get a Job as a Millennial

Stuck in a job you can’t stand? I was too. And then I got out!

job hunting
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How I Spice Up Instant Ramen

While we typically think as instant ramen as fit for only college students, they make a quick, easy pantry staple in my house. And while I enjoy the real thing at the various ramen houses across Portland, the 5-minute version is good for a regular Tuesday night.

shrimp instant ramen
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9 Fall Must-Haves I Cannot Live Without

Fall is finally upon us! I have not used a fan in days, the leaves are changing, and I made soup. My autumn-loving heart is full!

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An Enthusiastic Life Update: I’m Alive!

As I sit here in my bed, with a barely charged laptop and the soundtrack to¬†Love, Simon playing, I realize I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while. And if you’ve thought I was dead or completely left the internet, well, I’m back!

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22 Things I Learned at 22

The older I get the more I realize that I haven’t figured out life yet. As a kid I thought by 18 that everything would make sense. As I woke up to 23 this morning, I know that I have very little figured out, but I did learn a lot this last year.

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An Abundance of Negativity and How to Beat It

We all have had those times in our lives where nothing seems to be going right. It slowly gets worse and worse until you’re ready to wave the white flag. I’ve been having a month full of negativity and it’s time for it to end.

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