10 Trends I Love For Fall

This past week I got a taste of autumn over here in Eastern Oregon. And considering I am moving in a week to Portland, where fall weather is a bit more prevalent, it’s time that I begin planning out my autumn closet.

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This fall season I am all about saturated colours, dark denim, leather, and lots of layers. I’m excited for incorporating those into my closet (especially since I spent a lot of money work appropriate fall clothing this week). Below are 10 fall trends that are perfect for your closet. Continue reading

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A Bright New Enthusiastic Future

The future has a way of arriving unannounced. – George Will

As some of you know, last month I moved back home to job search and annoy my dog with cuddles and annoying baby voices. I worried that I would be back in my Eastern Oregon home for months and months, but I’m glad to announce that, well…

I am now a fully employed adult.

My efforts have paid off and on Friday I accepted the offer from a company in Portland, where I will be moving in two short weeks. Yes, George Will, the future arrives very unannounced. Continue reading

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Favourites Friday #46

Every few months my style evolves. And while I’ve always kept up my classic casual style, there are always little bits and pieces that follow what I’m currently into. Whether it’s when I was obsessed with cropped jeans (still in that phase), or when I had to wear a cardigan with every outfit, or even when I was only happy with big Southern-style curls, I go through phases that mark my style.

As the weather is changing and I head into my fall wardrobe, I am noticing my look has changed by itself. Straighter hair, woolen knits, and dewy skin are only a few things I need to have.

This week’s favourites are full of everything I’m obsessing over now.

Continue reading

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Fall 2016 Beauty Essentials

The leaves are changing…and so is my skin. Fall has finally fallen and it’s time to update that beauty routine to make sure you’re looking fly as ever.

With darker days comes darker makeup, and with dry air comes more moisturizer. Fall is my favourite time of year and changing up my bag with darker colours and creamy products is always fun. But you need to know the essentials before you start stocking up.

Below are the essentials for your best autumnal look. Continue reading

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My Favourite Fall Breakfast: Pumpkin Honey Overnight Oats

As the leaves begin to fall and the need for a jacket in the evening becomes necessary, it’s time to switch from eggs and fruit to something a bit more hearty for breakfast.

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As autumn is time for pumpkin and brown sugar and crockpot soup, I love a good bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. And something I can make the night before and just heat up the next morning (or eat cold) is exactly the kind of breakfast I want when I’d rather just stay in bed than face the bitter wind.

This recipe steals from multiple overnight oat recipes I’ve seen in the last year and I’ve made it so it’s just perfect for me. I hope you love my pumpkin overnight oats as much as I do! Continue reading

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