Favourites Friday #39

As July draws to a close and we watch the days turn hot and the nights turn long (seriously, does anyone fall asleep before midnight anymore?) I find myself in a little slump. I’m exhausted by 3 o’clock, my appearance is whack, and I find myself monotonous with work.


My goal this week was to focus on things that made my life crummy, such as the aforementioned above. This Favourites Friday focuses on the things this week that brought a smile to my face, made long days of work worth it, and kept me from looking like a homeless bum walking into a business. It’s truly been a week, but with everything below, I made it work.

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What to Bring to the Dorms, As Told By a Survivor

As I begin my journey of leaving school and searching for my first adult apartment, there are 18 year olds across the world getting ready to move into a 2×2 room in the dorms.

college dorm room decorations:

Moving into the dorms is one of those things that is a rite of passage and a pain in the bum. My own dorm could barely fit more than the two beds and I had to inhabit it with another person. But that’s not to say it wasn’t great! From fitting half my hall in my room to gossip at midnight, to epic fort building competitions in the lounge, to making friends that I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of, my dorm experience was amazing. Even if it was in a room smaller than my apartment’s kitchen.

Now that I’ve survived the dorms (and lived to tell the tale) I thought I would share my wisdom on what I found to be the things you’ll definitely need for move-in day, and some things that are only going to weigh you down. After nine months of living in Bean West, this girl is the queen of what goes in – and what should stay out – of the dorms. Continue reading

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Favourites Friday #38

When life is a little too much, how do you deal?

Recently the list of everything I’ve had going on has gotten kind of long. Don’t believe me? Let me make you a list:

  1. Finishing up school
  2. Working my day job
  3. Starting a new business
  4. Doing my side job of being a virtual assistant
  5. Running this blog
  6. Practicing for my drive test
  7. Finding somewhere to live in a month
  8. Maintaining social relationships

That’s a lot! But even when things are this insane, I know there are certain things that keep me sane in the face of stress. And this week, that’s what I’m celebrating.

This week’s Favourites Friday is about everything this week that has kept me in the right mind and not bogged down with stress. Thank goodness for these things!

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What Really Happens When You Go On the Military Diet

I love diets.

I love diets so much that when I find a really interesting one I have to try it. And recently I found one that was so bizarre that I basically flew to the grocery store to start!

The thing about dieting is that there are two ways to look at it. 1) It’s a way to lose weight or 2) A social experiment for why we do insane things to our bodies. I fall under the second category, and with something like the military diet, which combines odd food groups in order to lose weight, it would be ridiculous not to try it.Military Diet

If you want to know more about the military diet, here’s some info.

So, I took three days out of my busy schedule and tried the military diet. And I lived to tell the tale!

*Disclaimer: As a person who is trying to focus on health, I am not doing this to lose weight but to prove/disprove the various diets on the web.

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Favourites Friday #37

As we start to imagine wearing shorts at the park and sleeping in all Sunday, let us spend this Friday remembering everything fantastic that has happened this past week.

First off, how was everyone’s 4th? Do you miss the three-day weekend as much as I do? I spent it in the sun listening to good music and gaining an appreciation for Coors Light. Yeah, I actually had a beer and didn’t feel like gagging, it was a life-changing moment.

This Favourites Friday is just about everything fantastic that has happened since we checked out last weekend and I hope you’ll try all of these out and fall just as in love as I did!

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