Favourites Friday #16

Welcome to another Favourites Friday!

I’m rounding out this 2nd week of midterms with some exhaustion and a serious up in my makeup skills as I pretend to not look like a caffeine-driven zombie. I started out this week spending some time in my favourite tea shop with the boo doing some homework, continued doing even more homework and beginning essays, and ended it in full-bloom essay writing and not nearly enough green tea in my system. So, as you can tell, it’s been a real midterms week.

This week’s favourites focus on the essentials – and the rewards – of midterms week. And even though each term is different, these five favourites can be applied every term. So let’s check them out! Continue reading

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12 Kind Things You Can Do Every Day

In the wake of #YoungmanOnEllen, I’ve thought a lot about how to share kindness within the world.

Senora Youngman is constantly teaching how to spread kindness and to be nice in our everyday lives. With that said, I thought a lot about how I want to share kindness to people through how I interact with others. Which led me to think about what are nice things that can help others. And I came up with a list of 12 things that I believe are super easy and spread niceness into the atmosphere.

Here’s the list!

12 Easy Ways to Spread Kindness, in Honor of Senora Youngman

1. Compliment

Tell someone you like their shirt, or that they did well on that test, or even that you admire the way they dealt with that negative compliment.

2. Go out of your way

Hold open a door. You never know when someone really needs that in their day.

3. Smile

That best way to spread kindness is to put it on your face. Smile at everyone and be a positive face in a face full of frowns.

4. Be honest

Being honest with someone is much kinder than lying. And you don’t have to be blunt, but if you’re honest with someone they will appreciate it much more.

5. Listen

Take time to listen to someone else who needs to rant/talk. The fact that you’re taking the time probably means more than they’re showing.

6. Stop judgment

Stop saying judgmental things like, “She’s a whore,” or “That top is really ugly.” That’s just spreading hate and will not be tolerated.

7. Stand strong

Even if you’re in a room full of people being negative and putting others down, continue to say nice things and push against the negative behavior.

8. Lead, don’t follow

Don’t wait until someone else says something. Be the first to say the nice thing, the first to open the door, the first to stop something bad.

9. Encourage

Encouraging people is one of the kindest things you can do, and it isn’t difficult at all. Encourage others in their actions and dreams and they will never forget you.

10. Be present

Don’t look at your phone or your nails when someone is telling you something. Focus on the conversation and show the person that you are worth it to them to put down your phone for a few minutes.

11. Follow through

Did you friend tell you something that has been upsetting them? Take a few days and then reach out to them and ask how they’re doing. Following through on your kindness is just as important as doing it.

12. Spread it constantly


Stay classy, Internet,
















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Eyeliner Skills Unavailable: A Q&A

Yay Q&A!

As I go through all my social media and emails, I realize that I have lots of questions I’ve put to the side in a blog post that’s been in my ‘drafts’ folder for over a month. Which means I am long overdue answering your questions and that’s just not being a very good neighborly blogger.

I hope you’ll accept this Q&A as an apology! Continue reading

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What do you do when the strongest, kindest person you know has one wish and you know, with the help of the internet, you can make it happen?

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have seen my crazy onslaught of #YoungmanOnEllen. But you probably want some background, so before I go any further, I should probably explain.

Kathryn “Senora” Youngman is the Spanish teacher at Pendleton High School in Pendleton, OR (*psst* where I went to high school). She teaches students Spanish, but she also teaches them lessons in faith, kindness, and how to overall spread joy into the world. As someone who took French in high school, I was still shown Senora Youngman’s incredible kindness by how she greeted me in the hallway between every passing period, learned my name through my friend’s in her class, and spent time getting to know me in Foreign Language Club. And only someone that fantastic could impact me that much despite never once sitting in her class. Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Have a Girls’ Night

I’m a big believer in girls’ night. So much so that when I am on break and all my girls are in town I am throwing parties or creating dinners just so I can see them.

One thing I have noticed while in college is that girls’ night is not so big. We get so busy with school, work, homework, future career plans, etc. that we forget to just have a night on the town with our besties. Which is a shame.

I have compiled seven reasons why a girls’ night is important to incorporate into your routine every once in a while because it’s more than just a little break, it’s creating relationships and memories that will last you for the rest of your life.

Who’s ready for a girls’ night?! Continue reading

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