Tales From Robe Girl

So, I accidentally became famous.

It all started with me deciding to take a shower. Now, I rarely shower at night, but I thought on this one occasion, with all my homework done and an early morning, that I would take a shower at 10 o’clock at night. I stripped down, put on some music (hello, Mowgli’s, it’s good to listen to you again), and reached to the handle to turn on the water. Only for the fire alarm to go off.

Thinking, “You must be kidding me,” I reach for my robe, and poke my head out of my bedroom door to see my roommates rushing out the door. Realizing I do not have time to dress myself properly, I stick on flip flops, grab my phone, my keys, and thank the heavens my hair is dry as I go out into the cool night.

All I really remember about the fire drill is that I was annoyed. The fire alarm had apparently been set off on default and it had interrupted my relaxing night and now I was stood with all of my neighbours in my robe at 10:30 at night and all of my chill gone. Continue reading

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The Best Productivity Apps for Your Life

Hi y’all! How are you? You’re looking quite beautiful today. I quite like the way you’ve done your hair, you should keep it that way.

About a month ago I got a new phone (yay! it’s awful because I no longer can use my old phone cases, it’s devastating) and that means it’s time to experiment with new apps and such as I play around. And by experimenting with new apps I mean downloading every productivity app and just seeing which ones I like/look the prettiest. This being said, I’ve become a bit of an expert with productivity apps and that means that I must share my expertise with you guys. So, I’ve compiled the best productivity apps for various reasons that I think you should all consider purchasing!

Morgan’s List for Being the Most Productive App Owner Ever

For the Swiper

Clear – $4.99 iPhone

Most of the use of an iPhone is swiping from screen to screen. You swipe to get into your phone, you swipe to get to different apps, and you swipe to change your Instagram filter. And with Clear (which I’ve probably mentioned about a million times) it’s all about swiping! You can swipe your tasks left or right to complete or delete them, you can shift them around to rearrange, and it comes it lots of pretty colour themes! I’ve been using Clear for years and I’ll continue to! Continue reading

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My Kim Kardashian Boyfriend Did Not Propose and That is Why I am Angry

Over the month of September, my readers learned about my experience with Kim Kardashian Hollywood, the game that drains your time and is worse than “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

I played the game for less than a month. In that time, I got to the A-list and had 50 million fans in about two weeks. So, what did I do the rest of the time? Try to get my boyfriend to propose. I mean, he gives you the key to his place, says he loves you, the next natural step is to propose! But what happened when I reached maximum on my dating life with Jaxon? No, he did not give me a ring big enough to pay for my college tuition. He just said, “I love you,” and that was it.

I’m actually heartbroken. Continue reading

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20 Ways to Relax

It’s Week 3 of the school year and stresses are running high. I have a big research paper due on Sunday and I definitely could use a reduction in the tension building. That said, I decided to find some things to calm me down. And then I decided to share that list with all of you. And that is how the list of things that relax/destress you according to Morgan was born.

Take a Chill Pill: 20 Ways to Relax
as According to Morgan

1. Calm.com

If you don’t already, you need to give calm.com a try. My mom turned me onto it, and it is great for when you need to calm down. Take a few minutes out of your day and listen to the onscreen instructions as they teach you how to relax your body. You’ll definitely feel the difference!

2. Make a nice dinner

Home cooked food is the food of contentment. Make some biscuits, eat some fresh veggies, maybe have some chocolatey dessert, and you’ll find yourself basking in yummy food without stress for a little while. Continue reading

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I Am Terrified of Adult Life (A Q&A)

Happy Monday, Enthusiasts! It’s week 3 of the term and it’s safe to say that my roommates and I cannot wait for winter break (really, why is fall term always so exhausting?) I figured the best way to get into the week groove is to start it off with some Q&A, so you asked some Q’s and I did some A’s and now here’s the result!

The Real Answers of Morgan (While She Procrastinates Responsibility)

How’s living on your own?

Not going to lie, I’m living the life. I made pancakes yesterday morning, I have solid wifi, and I have discovered where three brawny men live in my building if I ever come across an axe murderer. I’ve got this living on my own thing down pat.

What’s it like living with roommates?

I have three roommates and it’s a pretty ideal situation. We get along great, we clean our messes, and I have zero complaints. Yes, it is an amazing experience. We even have a special Thursday night where we watch “Project Runway,” “Breaking Amish,” and “Gypsy Sisters” while watching the courtyard. Definitely recommend 10/10.

What are the best/easiest college dinners?

Click the picture to find the food

I’m really busy all day with being on campus, so when I get home I try to make something vaguely healthy, yet simple before I do homework and crash. I would recommend protein (like chicken nuggets) with a small salad, or getting those pre-made dinners and serve them with frozen veggies. Simple, cost-effective, and good for you! Continue reading

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