That Marriage Thing

I remember the day my mom told me, “Soon your friends will all be getting married.”

And, wow, she was right.

Yesterday one of my best friends got married. We’re only 20, but when you love someone it doesn’t matter how old you are, I guess. And here she is, married to the love of her life. Whoo! Continue reading

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Goodbye Cove

It’s a tough week here at The Enthusiast.

Covington “Cove”, our favourite, beloved guinea pig, has been relocated to another loving family.


Mid-December I started to notice that I got a rash whenever I held Cove. After a few weeks I thought it would go away, but no. I was definitely allergic. And for months and months I just held my little guinea hoping all would be okay. Continue reading

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10 Ways to Cheer You Up

So, it’s Dead Week and I’m stress sick and I’m 90% sure I’m getting my period and the Apocalypse will probably happen because it’s one of those weeks.

Therefore I need some cheering up and I’m sure you do too!

10 Ways to Cheer Up When Life Seems Pretty Bleak

1. Throw yourself a dance party

Sometimes you just need to crank up the tunes and dance out that bleary mood! Turn up some funky music¬†and get out your best moves while you let out any negative energy. And if you’ve got some friends also pretty down (it’s Dead Week, invite everyone you know) then you guys can all crank it out together! Continue reading

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Six Perfect School Hairstyles

As we approach finals week, I find myself struggling to make my hair look decent. Actually I’m struggling to look anything other than sleep-deprived and sickly. And as looking decent is important, it’s time we find some easy ways to do so.

After doing some research, and playing around with my hair, I have found six hairstyles that look (more than) decent and are easy enough for a busy time like finals. Shall we take a look? Continue reading

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The One About Feminism

The other week I talked about equality and why I think equality is something we should make a reality in our world.

This week I want to talk about feminism.

Sometimes people confuse the words equality and feminism. Feminism is a subcategory of equality. Equality covers fundamental rights, non-straight marriage, discrimination and feminism, along with several other things. And when discussing these topics you need to be pretty clear on what exactly you’re speaking about as to not confuse people. Last week I briefly covered each of the topics under equality. This week I’m discussing one – feminism. Continue reading

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