Sweet & Savory Sunday: Green Dream Smoothie

Sweet & Savory Sunday

It’s Sweet & Savory Sunday! Welcome to Day 2 of Everyday Enthusiasm, and boy is it a sweet one. Today we’re going to be doing my current version of my favourite smoothie. I’ve been making this smoothie for years and in that time small modifications have been made. After my smoothie cleanse earlier this year, I knew that I needed to come up with a smoothie that I wouldn’t mind slurping down three times a day, but that wasn’t loaded with calories and bad stuff. So, I took some of the things I love about my old recipe, plus some tips from Skinny Taste’s version and made a smoothie that I’ve been chugging down all week. And I think it’s a winner! Continue reading

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Starting Saturday: Introducing Everyday Enthusiasm

What’s better than enthusiasm? Everyday Enthusiasm!

EE 2

Yes, just like last year, I am doing Everyday Enthusiasm again. That means every day in August I will be doing a new blog post, which means lots and lots of new content, fun recipes, and sharing of everything enthusiastic! Continue reading

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You Asked and I Answered in My Pajamas (A Q&A)

Warning: This was written in my pajamas.

Lately my life has become a huge Q&A session – without the panel with the microphone and little bottle of water. So why not make myself a panel with a blog post? I mean, what better way to answer questions than in pajamas with a spinach smoothie and a bunch of pillows? It’s Friday – and the last blog post before I start Everyday Enthusiasm! – so let’s kick off this weekend with my very exciting (and possibly very informational) Q&A! Continue reading

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These Are a Few of My Favourite (July) Things

It’s almost the end of July! And that means I have a whole month of favourite things that I’m dying to share with you! From traveling to concerts to summer time, this means a conglomeration of things have come into my brain. And now it’s time that you all get in on the hype so we can all get enthusiastic together!

July Favourites, ala Morgan

Meghan Trainor


After seeing the curvy pop princess in action in San Francisco, it’s no wonder she’s one of my favourites this month. I’ve been playing her album on repeat and it is just fantastic! Continue reading

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SF, MTrain & Living Out of a Suitcase

ALERT! Morgan kind of had a crazy week and now it’s time to talk about it!

1. San Francisco


I went to San Francisco! Continue reading

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