Rainy Day Playlist

Once again it is raining in Eugene and my brain needs a serious pick up if I’m going to make it to the weekend. And to pick my mood up, mood boosting music is exactly what I need! Because it is Memorial Day weekend and we all just want to get away from home (or stay at home alone with movies and quinoa oatmeal) so let’s start our weekend off right with the best music for a good weekend! Even though it’s raining…

Don’t Rain on My Music Parade Playlist

Sugar – Maroon 5

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MAY the odds be ever in your FAVOURITES

Another month, another round of favourites!

As with every month, there are new enthusiasms coming into my life and I’ve got to share them! This month I’ve gone pretty overboard on flowery and purple and design. I think it all has to do with the fact that spring is really taking over Eugene and I’m dying for sandals and flowy dresses! So, let’s share the favourites, shall we?

These Faves Are My Faves For All of May

Rifle Paper Co.

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Why My Boyfriend is an Idiot

Happy anniversary to me!

Six months ago this guy came into my life and completely swept me off my feet. He introduced me to the best sushi in Eugene, my love of the Springfield Winco that doesn’t make you pay for bags and several Japanese words that he definitely overuses. And he’s kind of the sweetest person on the planet.

His goal? To be on my blog. So today, in honour of our six month anniversary (that’s a whole half year, folks), I am making a list of reasons he is the complete idiot that I love. Continue reading

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You’re Not Sated Until You’ve Tried Plated: A Review

I love to eat nutritious meals, but I hate having to find all the ingredients to make them. What’s my solution? Plated.

If you don’t know what Plated is, let me explain. Plated is a service that for a weekly fee provides the ingredients for nutritious, well-rounded meals delivered right to your doorstep. If you don’t believe me, the delivery man who delivered my box had to take an elevator, wait for someone with a key fob to let him onto my floor and knock vigorously on my door at 9am on a Saturday for me to answer it to ensure that the ingredients stay fresh. Plated is definitely the answer to my problem. Continue reading

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The 20 Year Old Thing (A Q&A)

It’s been a crazy week. My birthday, midterms, lots of lots of film screenings and life in general have made everything crazy. And that’s why it’s time for a Q&A to calm things down!

I Turned 20 and Stuff is Going On (A Q&A)

What’s going on with you right now?

A million and nine things. And that’s okay. I’m dealing with all of it one thing at a time and luckily I have the most amazing support system to make sure that I don’t completely implode.

How was your birthday?

AMAZING! My boyfriend and best friends worked together to surprise me by getting all of them in a Eugene Olive Garden. It was so great to have all my fave people with me on my birthday, but it was hard not having my family there. Hopefully next year I can have them all! Continue reading

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