All Grown Up With Somewhere To Go

About once a week I sit in my apartment, covered in a blanket with a cup of green tea and telly on in the background, and it occurs to me that I’m technically now an adult. I live in my own place, I buy my own groceries, and, as my high school government teacher always said, I can now be tried for the death penalty.

Okay, that quickly got dark.

But yeah, this year I moved into my own place, along with three other lovely girls, and it’s funny to think that I am independently living somewhere. After years of dreaming about being a grown up, here I am!

My roommates and I moved into one of the nicer complexes in my city. The whole apartment is very cute, and now that we’ve settled in and actually decorated it’s definitely become a home.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Upon moving in, I immediately loved the space. It’s cute, clean, and everything is updated. For a first apartment (especially at the age of 19) it’s definitely a step up from the crappy one-bedrooms most college students are renting. And the fact that it’s furnished just makes it that much better. Continue reading

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Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness

Good afternoon Enthusiasts! I have come down with a nasty cold (which just makes winter vacation that much more lovely) and when I’m sick I like to scroll through the web and find things that make me smile. Today, I came across a list of happiness, and as you know, I am all for happiness lists. I thought I would share this list with you and hopefully it strikes the same amount of motivation in you as it did with me.

Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness (via emmaelsworthy)

1. push yourself to get up before the rest of the world – start with 7am, then 6am, then 5:30am. go to the nearest hill with a big coat and a scarf and watch the sun rise.

2. push yourself to fall asleep earlier – start with 11pm, then 10pm, then 9pm. wake up in the morning feeling re-energized and comfortable. Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Know About Relationships

For the past few years I have been giving love/dating advice to girls all around the world. In that time, I have gone simply off of what I knew from movies and what my own gut instinct told me. I thought I knew everything about relationships, but I don’t.

I’ve been in a relationship for about a month now (my anniversary’s on Saturday whoop!) and it’s taught me a lot about something I thought I knew a lot about. I didn’t expect for my relationship to teach me so much about human interaction. But it has.

We expect that movies and books are accurate depictions of how humans interact, and if our lives do not reflect those stories then we are not living the correct human lifestyle. Wrong! My relationship varies several different ways from how movies depict the typical college romance, but it doesn’t feel wrong, or that I’m not living to my potential. Everything feels right, and I don’t want to change it. Continue reading

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My Newest Writing Job: Lifehack


As you can guess from the title, I’ve taken on a new job! I am now a Lifehack Expert at and it is fantastic! I just started writing for them last month, and my first article is finally up! I’m really excited to start this new opportunity and get the best I can out of it. I hope you guys enjoy the article!

11 Differences Between Real Friends and Fake Friends

Friendship is one of the best aspects of life. That said, certain friends are certainly much better than others. A real friend and fake friend can be hard to distinguish, but they are very different! Real friends are people you can go to for anything. You know they will always be on your side, through thick and thin. Fake friends might as well be scum of the Earth for all the support they will give you. Use this guide to figure out if your friends are your real friends! Continue reading the article here

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Month of Christmas 2014


My favourite time of the year has come around again! Christmas is definitely the best time here at The Enthusiast and that means it’s time for Month of Christmas!

If you’re new here, let me explain what Month of Christmas is. Basically, it is a month-long Christmas celebration here on the blog. I do an Instagram challenge (which is always really fun) and a Christmas story competition. So, without further ado, I shall explain them! Continue reading


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