Thought Thursdays 3: Uber Cab

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 18: Thought Thursdays

Thought ThursdaysAnd welcome back to Thought Thursdays! While in LA, I spent a lot of time traveling in cabs from one place to another. Actually, a good portion of my trip was discussing the interesting trips I had in said cabs. Such as my driver blasting “Turn Down For What”…

After much debate, we ended up using Uber for our trip. So many people in the public eye are using Uber, so it must be a good way to travel, right? Right.

Uber Cabs are a cheap, safer version of transportation for those who don’t want to drive or take the bus. It is used by an app, which uses your location to pick you up and drop you off at your location. And it’s by credit card, so no more worrying about having enough cash. Learn a bit more about the whole system here.

And now, without giving much more away, here is my review of Uber cabs:

Morgan Reviews Uber LA Cabs

Because every experience in a cab is different, I thought, to make this review as thorough as possible I would review each cab ride that my friends and I took. Let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading

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Welcome Wednesdays 3: KatySuzie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 17: Welcome Wednesdays


 Hiya Enthusiasts! Today I am literally jumping in my seat in excitement to share today’s Welcome Wednesday! I talked a lot about her in this post, but I finally get to share the amazement that is my best friend from the blog KatySuzie! This is Katy’s first time guest blogging and I’m blown away with how great I find her post. She definitely nails the horse on the head about her topic and I’m so proud to be showing her off to all of you! Hopefully you all fall in love with her as much as I am. And with that, I’ll let you do the do with Katy and her post about vacationers!

Hello everyone, I’m Katy! It’s such an honor to be a guest blogger for my good friend Morgan and I am super excited! I write on a blog called KatySuzie (of course that is when I remember to write up my thoughts and ideas) and am currently enrolled in a program to become an elementary school teacher through Eastern Oregon University. My hobbies and interests encompass so much and I am so fascinated by this world that we live in that the things I’m not interested in would be a much shorter list, but, for some background I’ll name a few. I love camping and being outdoors, cooking, and oddly enough working.

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Talk About It Tuesdays 3: Packing

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 16: Talk About It Tuesday

Talk About It Tuesdays

G’day Enthusiasts! How are we feeling today? Are we feeling as lazy as I am? I swear that all of my motivation has drained out of me as I realize how much has to be done to move into my apartment next week. It’s insane to think that I’ll be back in Eugene next week, and starting school the next. Where did the summer go?!

And since we’re on the topic of moving, I guess this is as good a segue as I am going to get towards discussing packing. Whether it be packing my suitcase for a weekend trip or packing up boxes and boxes to move to another place, packing is something we’ve all had to do multiple times. And despite the fact that I’ve made tens – if not hundreds – of packing lists for various reasons, I still don’t enjoy packing. Continue reading

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Musing Mondays 3: Cali Trip 2k14

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 15: Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays

Hola Enthusiasts! I am back and in action after a seriously awesome vacation! My face broke out, I gained weight from onion rings, and my feet hurt from so much walking. So you know it was a good holiday!

If you live under a rock, you may be unaware of where I’ve been the past few days: LA. My bestest buddies and I decided (okay, there were 9 months of planning) to head down to LA for a few days of intense awesomeness. There was making enemies with fangirls, seeing a handful of amazing artists in six hours, and spending way too much time in airports. Pretty much the perfect vacation, huh? So, in true Musing Mondays fashion, I am going to be reflecting on this wondrous holiday in a play-by-play of my LA trip. (Warning: this post is ridiculously full of info, so sorry in advance for writing a novel. I promise it’s in equal awesomeness to Hunger Games.)

Cali Trip 2k14
(aka, the time I spent a lot of time with attractive boys on stage)


Wednesday was the day it all kicked off! A 3am wake up call started the day for a car trip with the ever favourite Alex. The morning was uneventful, unless you count me kneeling in a dress scrambling to find my plastic liquids bag, or the TSA agent delivering me my scarf in a doggie bowl.

During our layover, we met up with the rest of our girlies for our flight to California. They are kind of my favourites.


Left to right: Miranda, Kelsi, yours truly, Estefany, Alex.  We actually all look decent.

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Sweet Treats Sundays: Cinnamon Scones

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 14: Sweet Treats Sundays

Sweet Treats Sunday

It is time to bake! As you all well know, I’m a big baked goods fan. If it’s been baked in an oven, it’s probably going in my mouth. And that’s kind of how Sweet Treats Sundays came to be. I’m always up for something delicious to eat, and I want to share the yummy treats I’m making with you! That is why this week we are making cinnamon scones, which I’m sure you will love!

Cinnamon Scones For Those Classy Scone Eaters

IMG_2592 Continue reading

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