25 Things I Had to Remind Myself of This Week

Hola Enthusiasts!

Whew, I am so happy this week is over! It’s just been stressful and exhausting and in total I’ve probably had about 15 hours of sleep, so I’m super excited to enter the weekend and catch some zzz’s. Plus, Thanksgiving is next week so I only have class two days next week! Anyway, this week has definitely been a thought provoker. And you know what that means, I’m going to share my thoughts…

25 Reminders We All Need in Our Week

1. Sometimes your mental health is more important than your responsibilities

2. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help

3. Keeping your poker face on helps you process information better

4. Having enough sleep is essential

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The Trick to Balancing Life (And Still Getting Sleep)

The first thing I was told about college life was that you had to choose between your social life, your school work, and your sleep schedule. And you can only choose two. Which do you choose?

I’ve recently had to start balancing my life. I was pretty content with doing my school work and getting eight hours of sleep. But then life happens and suddenly I had a lot more things on my schedule and I had to balance them to make all of it work. And this past week I’ve truly learned the lesson of balance.

It’s hard to dedicate time and energy towards everything that deserves your time and energy. And so you have to prioritize and schedule everything to make it work. I gave this all a lot of thought this morning (eating eggs while cuddling my guinea really helps with the whole “contemplate life” thing) and here is my list of aspects of life that deserve life and energy and how to balance it all.

Morgan Balances Her Life
(But Still Can’t Finish Desperate Housewives)

School work

We all know that school work is incredibly important as a student. And in university you’re basically paying to do it! This is a priority in the highest and deserves a lot of your time and energy. I find the best way to make sure that I am giving the right amount to my school work is to make a schedule of when my work is due and when I want to actually do the assignment. For my Econ quizzes due Tuesday and Thursday I do them Monday and Wednesday. For my journalism projects due on Sunday I make sure to have a little bit of the project done each day to keep the work from piling up. Having that schedule makes sure that I know what I’m doing, and I’m getting things done each day, and it doesn’t all pile up and keep me from other aspects of my life. Continue reading

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Pet Ownership & Other Fun Things (A Q&A)


My inbox has been filling up and it’s time to answer your questions! It’s a simple Saturday morning (I’m looking incredibly hot in yoga pants, a jumper, and with some seriously unbrushed hair) and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Life’s been insane, and it’s time y’all got caught up with this enthusiast!

You Asked, I Answered (Learning About Morgan’s Life One Question at a Time)

Did your stress disorder come back?

Well, no. It’s super sweet you asked! But no, I am currently stress disorder free. I’ve actually been really relaxed this week, which is such a change. Hopefully it will stay that way!

How is Covington?


Cove is amazing! The two week trial period ended and he’s now officially mine! He’s being kind of silly this morning, but I adore him more than ever. So excited to start our time together! Continue reading

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The Rules of Flirt

I am a terrible flirt.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need to pull the flirt out of their back pocket. This week I’ve had to do that and let me tell you, I should have exercised my flirt much more in the last 19 years. Because my game is pretty weak, and it needs some fine tuning.

Flirting is this weird thing that humans do to attract each other. Few other species do it (theirs is more physical than ours) and it means that flirting is truly a dance of trying to figure out the person while making them think you’re attractive. It’s such a weird concept. But unfortunately it’s something that we all need to do to create a relationship.

I’ve given this blog post a lot of thought. I try to relate the blog to my life, but unfortunately my flirting skills are way too weak to give any advice. So, I thought I would do something I can do: a guide to figuring out how to flirt.

Morgan’s Rules to Discovering Flirting


Here’s the cool thing about flirting, there’s someone to play off of! If both of you are interested you can work off how they flirt with you. People flirt how they like to be flirted with usually, so if they are using lots of suggestive flirting, they probably like suggestive flirting. If they flirt shyly, they probably prefer shy flirting. Take the flirting you’re getting back and incorporate it into your own flirting. Continue reading

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Get to Know the Blogger

Happy Thursday!

The week is almost done (thank goodness) and it calls for relaxation, hard work, and…coffee. Let’s be honest, coffee is definitely necessary the closer we get to the weekend. I thought today we’d take it slow and get back to the basics, aka, talking about me!


In the past four years my subscriber count has gone way up (do you realize there are over a thousand of you?!?!) and because of that some of you have missed kind of the basics of who I am and kind of what this blog is built on. Therefore, today is a guide to Morgan, your fellow neighbourhood blogger, and hopefully you’ll finish this post thinking we’re best friends! (We are best friends, right? Please let us be best friends!) Continue reading

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