What My IT Work Taught Me/My New Job

So, big things are happening here at The Enthusiast.

1) I published my first book 2) I quit my IT job and 3) I started a new job. And what prompted 2 and 3? A lot.

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My Advice For New Bloggers

Four and a half years ago I discovered blogging. And let me tell you, it was a doozy. I found out there was a lot more than just typing up my thoughts a few times a week, it was actually A WHOLE LOT MORE. And I wish I’d had someone who could guide me through all the mess that was discovering blogging and ultimately creating a blog I could be proud of. And now I’m going to do that for you, a new blogger.

The 4 Pieces of Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me: Blogging Edition

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Peonies, Maroon Shorts and Chai, Oh My: June Favourites

It’s getting to the end of the month and I’ve finally accumulated my list of my die hard for June. This month has been crazy. Between finals, flying home and starting a new job and a summer class, you know that the only way I can survive is if I have my favourites with me. Oh, and some chocolate.

This month was really about things that cheer me up and put a total smile on my face! And hopefully if you get as addicted to my favourites as I am, then you will too! Continue reading

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Want to Buy My Book?

Yes, you read that right. I have a book.

Today I am very excited to announce the official release of my first book, the eBook Affairs. Getting here has been an interesting road and as terrified as I am to share it with all of you, here it is!

Affairs cover

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June Bloom Playlist

It’s June, which means summer is about to be in full bloom, and it’s time to get ready for all of it! Ready for sunbathing, actually reading books, pool time, and just about everything else we only do during these summer months. So, what better way to prepare for those days (and to make putting on sunscreen more enjoyable) than to have a playlist we can bop along to?

Yeah, I made you one.

June is in Bloom, And So is This Playlist

Black Magic – Little Mix

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