Favourites Friday #2

Does anyone else feel that this week way way too long? We all deserve an extra shot of espresso and a hug. It’s just been long.

But now that we’ve discussed this hard week, let’s focus on the positive! It’s Favourites Friday numero 2, which means that it’s time to discuss my weekly enthusiasms! And that’s a lot better than anything, right?

Because it’s been a long, hard, completely crappy week, this week’s enthusiasms are the little things that brought light. The whole point of Favourites Friday is to get the good points of the week. And this week, all the favourites made my week just a little bit better. Continue reading

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Your 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

It’s fall!

And with fall comes a beautiful new way of wearing your wardrobe. Which means you need to look on point with all these new options. But does your fall wardrobe have everything to look amazing? Don’t worry, I’ve done the work to tell you exactly what is going to make your fall wardrobe your best fall wardrobe yet. And all you have to do is read!

So, let’s get to your fall wardrobe essentials, shall we? Continue reading

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Why You Should Keep a Diary

I am an avid diary writer. When I was in grade school and didn’t have the energy to hold a pen at night, I used to dictate to my mother so she would write for me.

Diary writing is something that I’ve naturally always felt is a good idea. What could possibly be wrong with writing down the day? And as I’ve grown older, I have plenty of filled up Moleskines stock full with years of Morgan. Having a diary has been a mental relaxation that I’ve used for as long as I can remember. I mean, Colin Clark wrote a bestseller with his diary! Anne Frank became a household name from hers!

Writing a diary is something I believe everyone should do because it’s cathartic and helps relieve stress. Both of which are things people need more of. So I’ve made a list of why everyone should have a diary! Continue reading

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Favourites Friday #1

Welcome to the first Favourites Friday, my new end-of-the-week series where we discuss my favourites!

After doing it for this year’s Everyday Enthusiasm, I really wanted to try to do it again. So let’s do it! Continue reading

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How to Balance Everything But Your Checkbook

It’s that time of year again.

From school to work to social life to running all my little projects, I’m swamped with just about everything. And when that happens, life looks pretty bleak. You have no motivation and nothing gets done – resulting in life being a big, fat 0.

But that’s where balancing comes in! The best way to pull yourself away from that bleak lack of motivation is to balance everything in a way it all seems approachable. I have become a pro at coming up with tips that make balancing everything easier and more effective, meaning less work! Because the best you is the most relaxed you. Continue reading

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