Morgan Monday: A Month of Blogging

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Did you know today is the last day of Everyday Enthusiasm 2015?

As I did last year, I like to take the last day to talk about what it’s like blogging for a whole month. Why? Because it’s a huge accomplishment and very difficult. So let’s talk about it.

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Sweet & Savory Sunday: Cinnamon Crumble

Sweet & Savory Sunday


*cue tears* It’s the last Sweet & Savory Sunday!

And because it’s the last it’s time for a [bitter]sweet goodbye with a sweet little recipe I whipped up! This cinnamon crumble banana bread recipe comes from these [1] [2] recipes that I combined to create some seriously awesome banana bread.

I hope this recipe makes you as happy as it made me and my special helper, my hungry boyfriend.

The Seriously Best Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread
From Morgan to You


We tried ours with some kombucha

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Song Saturday: Tunes of the Week

Song Saturday

It’s important to have a good soundtrack for your week, which is what this Song Saturday is all about!

I love good music and during a week filled with work and housework, tunes that keep me grooving are what it is all about. I need something that’s going to keep me out of the slump. And that’s why I’m sharing with you my songs of the week that kept me shaking and baking all week long. Continue reading

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Favourites Friday: Street of Red Sleeping Pizzas Again

Favourites Friday

It’s our favourite day of the week: Favourites Friday!

This week has gone by in a blur. From working to spending time with my boo to just getting everything finished as August comes to a close and I get ready for vacation, it’s hard to have had time to think straight. But this week’s favourites have been pretty spectacular, if I say so myself, so let’s check them out!

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Thought Thursday: Stress Masterlist

Thought Thursday

Welcome to Thought Thursday, or our more serious day of the week.

As mentioned in the title, we’ll be discussing stress today. But here’s the deal: I talk about stress a lot. Continue reading

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